Panel Discussion Topics

Digital Disruption in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality landscape
The panel of experts will discuss on how the speed of business in Indian travel, tourism and hospitality sector has evolved over the last few decades and how it is adapting to the continuous technological advancements & digital disruption.

The Changing face of a corporate Traveler: Understanding how technology is changing the travel experience for business travelers and challenges in meeting & managing his unstated expectations

Serving the Next Gen Smart Holiday Traveler. What do we need to do?
What and how best we can provide to cater to todays Tech savvy Traveler to influence his the consumption pattern with the use of technology.

The Evolution in hotel distribution system: Are we leveraging it?
The OTA’s have re defined distribution by allowing hotels to reach out to their consumers. But are the mid segment hotels of India ready? Let’s find from the panel of experts.

Is consolidation and funding funneling the growth of travel Industry?
This panel will discuss if the consolidation is helping the growth of the industry or is it eliminating competition, thereby forcing travelers to look for other options. Also, how is the nature of funding shaping up – is it more strategic or financial; is it bringing in more players in the ecosystem or is it getting absorbed in the ecosystem

Leveraging technology in cross selling and up selling to boost revenue growth: The panel discusses on how best to leverage the latest technology to offer attractive ancillary services in order to help the revenue streams grow exponentially. Will a one-stop shop model will be the future for the travel and hospitality industry?

From Arrival to Departure: Re Defining passenger experience at Airport and Inflight: The Indian Aviation sector has been undergoing a paradigm shift keeping in mind the demand and expectations of today’s tech savvy traveler. Our panel of experts will discuss how technology is playing a major role in providing enriching flight experience thus transforming the way air travel is perceived

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